Lessons 4

 Lesson four Essay

Flaming Hot Fireplace Text In Photoshop

Written by Steve Patterson. In this Photoshop text results tutorial, we're going to learn how to create a fire text effect, engulfing our letters in burning up hot fire. We'll use Photoshop's powerful Liquify filter for most with the work on the flames themselves, but we will also be looking at the Wind filtration system, using modification layers to colorize the flames, level styles to get adding color to our textual content, layer face masks for blending the flames with the characters, and more! This the result most of us be working towards:


The final " fire text” effect.

A few get started!

Down load our tutorials as print-ready PDFs! Learning Photoshop is never easier! Step 1 : Create A New Blank Photoshop Document

Let's begin by making a new blank Photoshop file. Go up for the File menu at the top of the screen and choose Fresh. Or, for a faster method to create a fresh document, utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N (Win) / Command+N (Mac). In either case brings up Photoshop's New Doc dialog field. Enter in the dimensions you will need for your impact. For this tutorial, I'm going to get into 3 inches for my Width, a few inches again for my Height, and then for the Quality value, I'll enter 300 pixels/inch. When you're done, just click OK to exit out of the discussion box. Your brand-new document can look on your display: [pic]

Produce a new Photoshop document using the New Doc dialog container. Step 2: Complete The New Document With Black

Since each of our flaming text message probably won't look very impressive against a white-colored background, a few fill each of our new doc with dark-colored. For that, we're going use Photoshop's Fill command word. Go up to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose Load, or press Shift+F5 to select the Complete command with the keyboard shortcut: [pic]

Head to Edit > Fill.

When the Fill discussion box shows up, choose Dark for the Contents at the top of the discussion box, which tells Photoshop that we wish to use dark-colored as the fill color: [pic]

Choose Black on top of the Complete dialog box.

When you're carried out, click OK in the best right nook of the discussion box to exit out of it. Your document will be filled with solid black: [pic]

The background of the document is now filled with black.

Step 3: Select The Type Tool

We will need some text to work with, and for that, we'll require Photoshop's Type Tool. Select it from the Tools colour scheme, or press the notice T with your keyboard to select it with the shortcut: [pic]

Select the Type Tool.

Step 4: Choose A Typeface

With the Type Tool picked, you'll see the fact that Options Club at the top of the screen is promoting to show alternatives specifically for the sort Tool. Choose whichever font you'd like to work with for the result. This open fire effect will work best with serif fonts, so I'll choose Moments New Both roman Bold. No longer worry about how big is the typeface for now: [pic]

Choose a typeface from the Alternatives Bar.

Step 5: Set The Text Color To White-colored

We'll work with white since our first text color, even though most of us be adding more colors later on. To quickly set the text color to white colored, press the letter Deb on your computer keyboard, which resets Photoshop's Downroad and Qualifications colors to their defaults, producing your Downroad color grayscale your Backdrop color light, as we can see by looking in the Foreground and Background color swatches near the bottom in the Tools palette. The Downroad color swatch is the one in the top kept. The Background color swatch is usually on the bottom right: [pic]

The Foreground and Background color swatches inside the Tools palette. The text color and Foreground color happen to be one in precisely the same in Photoshop. Changing a single also changes the various other, which means that in order to change each of our text color to light, all we need to do can be change the Downroad color to white. Right now, our History color is placed to white, with our Downroad color started black, exactly the opposite of what we will need. To swap them, making white the Foreground color, simply press the page X in your keyboard. Whenever we look at the two color...