Property Acquisition Policy for India, as a Review

 Land Obtain Policy intended for India, like a Review Dissertation

Land Buy Policy to get India, like a review

Bibhu Santosh Behera, Content Graduate Analysis Scholar, College of Culture, (OUAT), Bhubaneswar-3 E-Mail: -b. [email protected] com Abstract

In India, the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 gives the right for Government authorities to buy parcels of land intended for the implementation of creation projects. In the context of your rapid regarding cities, the urbanization shall accompany the needs of accelerating populations. Hence, the Government helps make use of his eminent domain power –the right to get land for any public purpose- very regularly. However , in practice, this process can easily imply the displacement of the affected landowners, whom are occasionally forced to give away their property in exchange of settlements. These incidents contributed to give food to people's bitterness for this practice, and the suggested Reforms with the Land Purchase Act received stalled. Additionally, land buy can be extremely high priced, and this may compromise the well setup of related development tasks. Considering the subsequent costs and disadvantages of property acquisition, option ways of mobilizing land to serve public advantage should be explored. Terrain consolidation, or land readjustment, consists in putting together improperly organized proximate plots of land to be able to restructure an area. The main advantages of this technique are the fact that this required fewer funds than land obtain, and that involve expropriation of landowners. Diverse modifications of this method exist around the world, and keep different potential benefits. In India, Expert Plans are commonly used for the style and management of land in huge cities. Yet , if land consolidation schemes are already applied as a tool for these plans‟ implementation in numerous States with the country, this technique is not prevalent and rarely recognized as an efficient application...

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