Jack London "Love of Life"

 Jack London «Love of Life» Composition


1 . Genealogic Classification and typology of languages. installment payments on your Language as a Social Happening. Definition of Dialect. Functions in the Language. 3. Languages being a Systemic Program. Language Levels and Pieces. The History with the English Vocabulary

1 . Hypotheses of Vocabulary Evolution. Periodization of The english language and Primary Events inside the History of The english language 2 . Common LinguisticFeatures of Ancient and Modern Germanic Languages three or more. Grammatical andLexical Peculiarities of Old British

4. Key Features ofMiddle English: Phonetics, Grammar, Terminology 5. The Characteristicsof Early Modern The english language. The Process of Dialect Standardization 6. Development ofWiring in the great the English language language The EnglishLiterature

1 ) Old EnglishLiterature / Impressive, Lyric, Famous works/ installment payments on your Middle EnglishLiterature /G. Chaucer, WLangland, " Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" / 3. The key Periods inthe Literary Process of William Shakespeare 5. The Romantic Subjectin Master Byron's Poems

5. The Victorian Grow older inEnglish Materials.

6. English language Prose of theXXth Century

The British Lexicology

1 ) Word Building Processes Based upon Addition and Contraction 2 . Peculiarities of yankee and United kingdom English

3. Criteria of Classification from the Phraseological Devices 4. Synonymy, Antonymy and Homonymy

5. The Development of The english language and American Lexicography

6. Variants and Dialects with the English dialect

7. The Etymology of the English Word Stock

almost eight. The Theory with the Word. Lexical Meaning and Semantic Structure of English language Words. The English Stylistics

1 . Efficient Styles of the English Dialect

2 . Phono-Graphical Expressive Means.

3. Lexical Stylistic Gadgets / Metaphor, Metonymy, Paradox, Zeugma, Juga, Epithet, / 4. Lexical stylistic Equipment /Oxymoron, Simile, Periphrases, Hyperbole, Repetition, Understatement/ 5. Syntactical Stylistic Gadgets /Stylistics Cambio,...