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 Intuit Analysis Essay

Erma LaFleur

BUS 3030

Unit: Product Analysis u03a2

Intuit, Inc., a company that delivers business and financial management solutions. The merchandise offered are Turbocharged Tax, QuickBooks, Quicken, Mint, Go Payment, Intuit Health, and Intuit Financial Services. They've been in business as 1983 and located in Huge batch View, Los angeles. Their products and services can be obtained to consumers, businesses, accounting professional, medical care professional and financial institutions located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and Singapore Turbo Duty is tax preparation application that is provided online, COMPACT DISK download, or Mobile/Tablet that guides buyers or small enterprises through the income tax process. This kind of software requires consumers through a step by step issue based process with user-friendly software. Intuits Turbo Duty brand name is well known and has the right brand in place with this industry. That they control regarding 80% housing market for full retail list prices and 60% for results prepared on the web, according to Bloomberg reviews. They offer free online tax preparation for customer's filing1040/ EZ form. One other feature that attracts the consumer is you can do your taxes on the web, file electronically for free, and save taxation statements for upcoming references on their website. One of Intuit's Turbo Taxes competitor is H& R Block and they are comparable in all of the areas and price. All those things sets them apart is usually Turbo Duty has a better online user friendly website; they answer the product quickly and still have great customer satisfaction. Turbo Duty gives the consumers the ability to speak with their personnel of CPA's, EA's or Tax Legal professionals by mobile phone for free. QuickBooks is a software that's presented online and CD/desk top type for small company to keep track of day to day bookkeeping. This software offers accounts payable, invoicing, accounts receivable, financial institution reconciliation, revenue and reduction statements, and so forth QuickBooks possesses 85% price tag markets share in Small enterprises financial alternatives. The brand term...



The business also offered WebTurboTax, which in turn combined TurboTax features with electronic taxes filing features and allowed users to complete their tax returns and file all of them online. Much more than 240, 000 1998 government tax returns had been completed and filed employing WebTurboTax.

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