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Exhibit 3. 1

Tactical capabilities and competitive advantage

Exhibit several. 2

Strategic capability: the terminology

Demonstrate 3. 3

Sources of price efficiency

Show 3. 5

The experience curve

Exhibit a few. 5

Standards for inimitability of ideal capabilities

Analyzing Resources & Capabilities


• The role of resources and capabilities in strategy formula. • The resources of the firm • Organizational capabilities • Appraising the money potential of resources and capabilities • Putting reference and capacity analysis to work—a practical guide • Creating new capabilities.

Shifting the Focus of Strategy Examination: From the External to the Internal Environment

THE FIRM Desired goals and Values Resources and Capabilities Framework and Systems




•Competitors •Customers •Suppliers

The Firm-Strategy Interface

The Environment-Strategy User interface

Rationale intended for the Resource-based Approach to Technique

• When the external environment is subject to rapid modify, internal resources and features offer a more secure basis for strategy than market focus.

• Solutions and capabilities are the principal sources of earnings

The Evolution of Honda Motor Business

Honda Technological Research Commence founded 1st Competes in Isle of Man TT motorcycle competitions 4-cylinder 750cc motorcycle first gasoline-powered car to meet US Low Emission Vehicle Regular Civic Cross types (dual gasoline/ electric)

bike: 98cc, 2-cycle Dream G

Portable electrical generator

405cc tandem 1955 60 1965 1970

Power products: ground tillers, marine motors, generators, pumps, chainsaws snowblowers

Civic GS (natural gas powered)

1946 1950







4 cycle engine

The 50cc Supercub

N360 mini car Honda Civic 1000cc Goldwing touring motor bike

Acura Car division

Home cogeneration system

First merchandise: Model A clip-on engine for mountain bikes

Enters Formula 1 Gran Tarifs racing

Goes in Indy car racing

Honda FCX energy cell car

Canon: Companies Core Specialized Capabilities Accurate Mechanics 35mm SLR camera Compact fashion camera EOS autofocus camera Digicam Video even now camera

Good Optics

Plain-paper copier Color copier Color laser photo copier Laser photo copier Basic send Laser fax Mask aligner Inkjet computer printer Excimer laser aligners Lazer printer Color video computer printer Stepper invisalign aligner Calculator Notebook computer


Backlinks between Items & Capabilities: Capability-Based Technique at 3M Carborundum exploration



Videotape Floppy disks & Scotchtape Audio tracks tape data storage goods Acetate Sticky notes film Housewares/kitchen items Surgical coup & dressings Pharmaceuticals Elements sciences Wellness sciences Adaptable circuitry

Road signs & markings


Abrasives Creams


Thin-film technologies

New-product development & introduction

Development of Features and Items: 3M


Videotape Floppy disks & Scotchtape Audio tracks tape info storage items Acetate Post-it notes film Housewares/kitchen items Surgical tapes & dressings Pharmaceuticals Materials sciences Well being sciences Versatile circuitry

Carborundum mining

Road signs & markings



Abrasives Adhesives


Thin-film technology

New-product creation & introduction

Eastman Kodak's Dilemma

Resources & Functions

1980‟s Substance Imaging

•Organic Chemistry •Polymer technology •Optomechtronics •Thin-film coatings


Film Cameras Fine Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Diagnostics

Brands Global Syndication 1990‟s

DIVESTS: Eastman Substance, Sterling Winthrop, Diagnostics Need to build digital imaging capacity Digital Image resolution Products (e. g. Photography CD System; Advantix video cameras & film

The Links among Resources, Capacities and Competitive Advantage COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE...

Backlinks: The Planet's Most Valuable Brands, 2006

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