Improve Country

 Improve Nation Essay

Thailand is often known for " country of smile'' Each of our country is consistently developing in a better place for everyone to have and to help build its image. There are many important factor's to work with to attract confident images. Values, ideas, emotions and impression shape the individual's thoughts towards particular culture. Thai people can achieve the good image by spending so much time towards it is goal actually and with dedication.

Thailand's minimum wage is regarded as as one of the lowest minimum wage in the world. The money is certainly not worth the effort. Imagine a teacher who also lives in an extremely poor contemporary society, with poor money, poor education the teacher needs to have. How could the teacher give more than a poor education for the students. The us government should give more upon education. We ought to also invest on the people through education. In case the people in the country are well well-informed their thoughts will be extensive and it could be easily so they can think because of their own region rather than following other's. The next suggest is definitely changing the teaching design. The instructor should be able to develop new ways of teachings. Producing class a little less boring is definitely one of them, yet more importantly Thai's teaching should be more open. By open I mean there should be more totally free writing task, rather merely lecturing in the lecture and do every thing by book. However , this cannot happen unless the governments build educational institutions. These kinds of organization can be quite a lot of support. Thet may developing teachers skills and increase their details so they can give a good way in teaching. Purchasing Sports can help improve the region image this shows individuals are mentally and physically fit. Mental toughness is known as a quality that may be highly appreciated in sport. It is deemed essential in those sports athletes who desire to success in world-class sport. At present there is much issue on what it is and how to develop it in Thailand.

Furthermore, As they say, you must become the modify you wish to discover in...