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Hydro Electric Power Plant in Tamil Nadu

Amaravathi Dam at Amaravathinagar, 25 km southern on SH 17 from Udumalpet, is located in Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Coimbatore section, Tamil Nadu,  India. The 9. 31 km², 33. 53 m deep[1] Amaravathi Reservoir was created by this large dam. It was built primarily for irrigation and flood control and right now also has 4 megawatts of electric creating capacity mounted. It is significant for the significant population of Mugger Crocodiles living in the reservoir and catchment basin. The Kateri (Katery) hydro electric power station is located in Nilgiris,  Tamil Nadu,  India. It is a series of dams and a power house with four a hundred and twenty-five KW generators and 1 500 KILOWATT. The site was your first hydro-electric plant in India, and powers the Cordite Factory at Aruvankadu[1]�[2]�[3] The Kundah Hydro-electric Power Scheme is located in the Nilgiris,  Tamil Nadu,  India. Is it doesn't one of the biggest electricity generating plans in Tamil Nadu Condition. The number of peaks Devarbatta, Karaikada, Koulingabetta and Porthimund, all over 2400 Metres ASL (above sea level) drain into two streams, Avalanche and Emerald. Avalanche and Emerald Public works, along with Upper Bhavani, form the significant source of water for the Kundah hydro-electric project. The project symbolizes India-Canada friendship and co-operation.[1][2] The Electrical power houses were commissioned in the year 1960 to 1964.[3] The Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India built in 1934.[1] It was made in a overeat, where the Kaveri River enters the plains. The dam is among the oldest in India[citation needed]. It gives you irrigation establishments to regions of Salem, the size of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirappali andThanjavur district for 271, 000 acres (110, 000 ha) of farm terrain. The total entire dam is usually 1, 700 m (5, 600 ft). The atteinte creates Stanley Reservoir. The Mettur Hydro Electric power project is also quite huge. The atteinte, the park, the major Hydro Electric power stations and slopes...