How the Indians Solved the situation of Living of Living on the Flatlands

 How the Indians Solved the challenge of Living of Living on the Flatlands Essay

How the Indians solved the problems of living on the plains

The Plains Indians were a people who had to outlive under severe living conditions. We were holding faced with many problems and challenges and yet they survived for hundreds of years thanks to all their way of life. Every single tribe was accustomed to several methods of endurance; some were nomads and several were resolved in the same place, which had similar attributes approach survive.

The Native American Indians main method to obtain food was hunting. The native children would be qualified from childhood to tips on how to hunt as well as how to use hunting methods like the Bison-Pound approach or simply following. In the plains mammals including Elk and other types of Antelope had been common. A problem that the Native Americans were faced with was that they were in danger of hunting excessive wildlife nevertheless they solved this problem by being careful of their consumption and held it manageable by not really wasting any of the hunted animal's resources. The buffalo is a biggest hyperlink between the different aspects of American indian life. With an animal like the buffalo the Native Americans had been provided with a weeks supply of food and new material for clothing with every one they captured, and if they were a nomad tribe the buffalo also provided casing.

The Native American nomads lived in the traditional residence called a tipi, the Sioux word for home. A tipi is made up of a cone-shaped solid wood frame having a covering of buffalo hide. The Native Americans were nomads because that they followed the buffalo herds, and this was a problem since every time the herds started out moving they will needed to comply with; they did not need the time or perhaps the resources to develop houses each time they halted so they will needed and easy solution. Like modern outdoor tents, tipis are created to be set up and then taken down easily and quickly. As a tribe moved from place to place, each family members would provide their tipi poles and hide tent with them because in the plains there was few forest to...