How Does Steinbeck Present the Character of Curley's Wife? Discuss the Language Products and Techniques Used.

 How Does Steinbeck Present the smoothness of Curley’s Wife? Discuss the Language Devices and Tactics Used. Composition

Steinbeck gives Curley's partner as harmful as she has the power as she is committed to the user's son and she is certainly not afraid to exercise that power. Yet also she is a sufferer of isolation as Curley is not that enthusiastic about her and she has to be on the hacienda doing only wondering about looking for company. This makes Curley's wife equally guilty and innocent. Steinbeck uses chocolate to forewarn the reader regarding Curley's better half in their first meeting, this is significant as it shows that Curley's wife is definitely interpreted while ‘jail bait' as George says. The fact that George is pre-warned about this potential danger is usually ironic as despite the warning she is the challenge that ultimately ends up getting Lennie killed. Steinbeck describes her physical appearance first, she is described as very sexually attractive and uses this kind of to lure guys in. she uses her physical appearance as her main weapon, and in the end of the publication Lennie gets in trouble mainly because she tempts him to stroke her soft frizzy hair. Steinbeck shows moments of her staying overly cruel. She gets lonely and appears around for people to talk to but when she realises that the fellas don't need to talk to her she opens crooks telling him that she will get him hanged because she would accuse him of rasurado. Steinbeck uses her talk with Lennie to cause you to sympathise with her. Your woman talks about just how she might have been in the photos but she thought her mum threw away the letters about this and that how she is now stuck over a ranch were everyone ignores her and she is lonesome. Steinbeck finishes by saying that she is a nice, good person but the just way she could get observed was in the event that she stated her sexuality to the guys on the farm, that's the simply way they will pay attention to her.