HIST 201 Final Examination

 HIST 201 Final Test Essay

David Barnes

Joshua Wright

History 201

13 May 2015

HIST 201 – Final Exam

Part I actually: Identifications

(1) Professional Revolution – The Industrial Wave was the changeover to fresh manufacturing processes. (2) Contencioso Review – A electrical power implied inside the Constitution which gives federal legal courts the right to assessment and decide the constitutionality of acts passed by simply Congress and state legislatures. (3) Three-fifths Compromise – A compromise reached among delegates via southern claims and those by northern states during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. (4) Manifest Destiny – Doctrine, first stated in 1845, that the enlargement of white Americans over the continent was inevitable and ordained by simply God. (5) War of 1812 – War battled between the Usa and The uk from Summer 1812 to January 1815 largely over British restrictions on People in the usa shipping. (6) Indentured Servitude – Was your primary labor system inside the Chesapeake colonies for most with the seventeenth 100 years. (7) Electoral College – The institution that chooses the Chief executive and Vice President of the United States just about every four years. (8) Whigs – The name employed by advocates of colonial resistance to British actions during the 1760s and 1770s. (9) Checks and Balances – The program used to maintain the government from becoming as well powerful in a single branch. (10) Imperialism – The plan and practice of exploiting nations and peoples to get the benefit of a great imperial electric power either directly through armed forces occupation and colonial regulation or indirectly through monetary domination of resources and markets.

Part II: Short Response Essay

(1) For what reason did congress replace the Articles of Confederation while using U. S. Constitution? The Constitution located both internal and external restraints around the powers approved to the central government that the Articles of Confederation did not. The Content articles of Confederation left the republic helpless to deal with the threat of foreign encroachments and the challenges of outstanding debts, a weak economic system, and cultural unrest. As well, the Metabolic rate specifically delegated to Our elected representatives the power to taxes, borrow and coin funds, regulate trade, and increase armed forces, all of these the Confederation government got lacked.

(2) Just how did the presidency of Andrew Jackson alter the part of American citizens in the personal process? 1st, Jackson announced that his party was made up of common farmers and workers. He opposed the special liberties of economic elites. Likewise, he provided affordable american land to Americans by forcing Indians to the western.

(3) Describe lifestyle of American women during the colonial era. Ladies cultivated genteel manners. Few women may read and write, because of it was assumed that women got little need of these kinds of accomplishments. Their particular ability to examine and write were less in percentage of that of the men.

(4) What events led the American Revolution? Parliament's refusal to consider conciliatory measures was obviously a factor. Also, British plans were contrary which was creating rebellion. Finally, The Struggle of Lexington and Concord contributed.

(5) The fact that was the position of the Federalist Papers inside the ratification with the U. T. Constitution? The role was to gain support for ratification of US Metabolic rate. Essays in the newspapers with analysis and explanation of Constitution. The federalist experienced the wealth and support which helped them can make for a successful advertising campaign.

Part III: Lengthy Response Article

(1) Write a great essay summarizing the part of captivity, state rights, and westward expansion inside the Civil Warfare. When the United states continent was first colonized simply by Europeans, the land was vast, the work was severe, and there were a extreme shortage of labor. Men and women had been needed to job the property. White relationship servants, paying out their passing across the ocean from European countries through indentured labor, eased but did not solve the problem. Early in the seventeenth century, a Nederlander ship packed with...