History of Teenage Pregnancy

 History of Teenage Pregnancy Article


That started in the colonial era onward. Having children occurred frequently in the US prior to twentieth century even. 1900's 1930's Simply by 1900, the timing of marriage and parenthood increased as the became developing. Due to the mass production of WW2, girls became even more independent and worked instead of starting family members right away. 1900's During the 50s and early on 1960's, the problem concerning costs of adolescent pregnancy appeared when they come to a historic peak and public obsession. 1950's As a result of postwar " baby boom, " most young females were having premarital sexual intercourse which improved the demand intended for public assistance and services to one mother. Teenage pregnancy was normal in previous hundreds of years, and prevalent in developed countries in the 20th hundred years. Among Norwegian women given birth to in the early on 1950s, nearly a quarter became teenage mothers by the early on 1970s. Nevertheless , the prices have continuously declined since that 20th century top. Among these born in Norway back in the 1970s, less than 10% became teenage mothers, and costs have continued to be stable and lower since that time. Perhaps the most well-known teenage motherhood in history was Mary, Mom of Christ. She is generally believed to have been 13 years of age when the girl gave delivery to Jesus.[99] Other sources place her age as high as 15 years. Hildegard of Vinzgouw, the partner of Charlemagne was about 14 years old when ever she provided birth with her first child in 772 CE. The mother of Henry VII of England was 13 years old once she offered birth to him in 1457. Karen of Tver, the partner of Ivan the Great of Russia, gave birth to her first child when she was about of sixteen years old, in 1458. Empress Teimei of Japan was 16 years of age when the lady gave birth to Hirohito in 1901. Lina Medina of Peru keeps the world record for most youthful live birth: She was five years, seven months old once she offered birth in 1939.