Ginger and Vinegar as an Organic Insecticide

 Ginger and Vinegar as an Organic Insecticide Essay

De La Assemblee Santiago Zobel School

School Avenue, Ayala Alabang Town, Muntinlupa Metropolis, Philippines


Investigatory Project-


Submitted By:

Apostol, Jose Antonio Reyes

Arante, Sofia Carmela Alcazaba

Arrastia, Julio Alfonso Delete Castillo Dy, Danielle Louise Termulo

Class 9-C

September 19, 2013

Ms. Kareen San Jose

Chapter We


We all can expand a food that's healthier without using toxic chemicals and chemical

fertilizers with this organic insecticide. It might sound simple but surely can save many

crops. Insecticides and Manures can cause significant harm to public health and the

environment. When manures enter a body of water, they can cause fresh air levels to

drop, killing aquatic life and posing risks to other varieties.


Statement from the Problem

( Can Ginger and White vinegar work as a natural insecticide and help the environment?


( In the event that Ginger and Vinegar functions and go several tests, it can be used a great as organic and natural insecticide.


( To make an insecticide out of Ginger and Vinegar because an Organic Insecticide.

(To prevent from using toxic compounds instead use an organic 1.

Significance in the Study

( This job will try to make an organic insecticide using Vinegar and a Ginger.

Using toxic chemicals will not just injury them, but the environment to. So all of us,

decided to experiment a natural way of making an organic...