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Post Graduate Degree in Management (PGDM) Term IV

EL FI 406: Monetary Statement Analysis and Organization Valuation Trainers: Prof. Amiya Sahu


Trainers: Prof. Amiya Sahu Course of: 2013-15 Course Code: EL FI 406 Credit: 3 Academics Year: Second Term: 4 Sessions: 20

Objective: This course is targeted at enabling the students: п‚· To boost their understanding on the ideas of Organization analysis and Valuation; and its particular application. п‚· To use financial statement data in business research and valuation, and п‚· To worth at least one American indian firm Through this course, the participants will probably be integrating their particular knowledge of accounting analysis, technique analysis, and financial analysis to understand just how businesses job, how they generate value and just how the value made is captured in financial statements. Text Book: Business Analysis and Value: Text and Cases; Palepu, Healy, Bernard; 3rd Edition; Thomson Guide Books: Economical Statement Evaluation and Reliability Valuation; Penman; 3rd Copy; McGraw Mountain Investment Valuation; Damodaran; second Edition; Wiley Detailed Syllabus: Understanding the Economic Statements: figure out different types of monetary statements as well as analysis as a prelude to Business Research. Framework for Business Analysis and Valuation: what to look at in operation analysis and the way to use this details in valuation? Tools for people who do buiness Analysis - Strategy Research: identify essential drivers of profit and risk of a strong; analyze firm's industry and strategy which will creates a lasting competitive benefit. Make logical assumptions to forecast a firm's long term performance. - Accounting Research: does the accounting system capture a business business economics, identify accounting distortions and make adjustments. - Monetary Analysis: appreciate past and current efficiency of a firm using proportions and cash flows. Is definitely the performance sustainable? -...