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Accounting 1 Session 1 Final Exam Assessment Practice

True/False Indicate whether or not the sentence or statement applies or phony. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 1 ) Accounting may be the language of business. installment payments on your The relationship between assets, liabilities, and owner's equity can be written because an formula. 3. The accounting equation does not need to be in harmony to be appropriate. 4. A small business that works an activity to get a fee is actually a service business. 5. The quantity in an accounts is a merchant account balance. 6. The capital consideration is a legal responsibility account. six. Double lines below a column total mean that the totals have been verified as correct. eight. A revulsion is a cost. 9. Money is increased by expenditures.

____ 12. Payments to promote, equipment maintenance, utilities, and rent are expense orders. ____ eleven. Revenue is a decrease in user's equity as a result of the procedure of a organization. ____ doze. The accounting equation must remain in equilibrium after the adjustments caused by a deal have been registered! ____ 13. The accounts on the left side from the accounting equation include the liabilities and owner's equity. ____ 14. Each time a company obtains cash from a customer for a prior sales, the transaction decreases the money account balance and increases the accounts receivable stability. ____ 15. When money is paid for expenses, the business enterprise has less money; therefore , the asset accounts Cash is usually decreased and the owner's collateral account is increased! ____ 16. The moment cash can be paid towards the owner for personal use, possessions decrease and owner's value decreases. ____ 17. The best side of the balance sheet shows liabilities and assets. ____ 18. The total amount of an accounts increases on a single side as the normal stability side. ____ 19. A directory of accounts utilized by a business is known as a chart of accounts. ____ 20. Capital is an owner's value account using a normal charge balance. ____ 21. When ever cash is definitely paid for materials, the materials account can be increased by a debit. ____ 22. The balance of a sketching account symbolizes the total worth of resources taken out of an enterprise by the owner. ____ 23. The normal balance side of your accounts receivable account is actually a credit. ____ 24. Accounts payable accounts are elevated with a debit. ____ 25. Information for every single transaction recorded in a journal is a great entry. ____ 26. A receipt is definitely the source doc for cash received from sales orders. ____ 28. A nota is a business form providing written recommendation for money received.

____ 28. Placing is copying information coming from a log entry into a ledger bank account. ____ twenty nine. Only the steering column totals intended for special sum columns in a journal happen to be posted. ____ 30. A check mark in parentheses below a General Debit column total indicates that the total can be not submitted. ____ thirty-one. If a financial institution does not acquire payment from your person who authorized the check, each endorser of the examine is singularly liable for payment. ____ 32. A check which has a future date on it is a postdated check. ____ 33. On a lender statement getting back together, the adjusted check stub balance must be the same as the tweaked bank equilibrium. ____ 34. When writing a check, the first thing is to put together the verify stub. ____ 35. The origin document intended for an electronic money transfer is a memorandum. ____ 36. If the petty funds fund is definitely replenished, the total amount of the small cash bank account increases. ____ 37. The balance of the supplies account as well as the value with the supplies on hand equals the up-to-date stability of the materials account. ____ 38. The value of the pre-paid insurance coverage applied during a fiscal period can be an expense. ____ 39. Magazines, ledgers, and work sheets are considered permanent records. ____ 40. Amassing and judgment the Adjustments columns of your work piece is necessary to prove the equality of debits and credits. ____ 41. Two financial assertions are prepared from the information on the job sheet. ____ 42. Aspect percentages with an income statement are worked out by separating sales and total expenses by net...