Fat loss and Best Target Market

 Weight Loss and Ideal Target audience Essay

1 . Why is Metabical different from the additional weight-loss products on the market? Medibical is the initial FDA-approved pharmaceutical drug intended for the overweight segment (BMI 25-30). This can be a low-dose solution that minimizes stress on heart and liver functions. Metabical as well contains a controlled-release characteristic that requires only one pill be studied per day which leads to better patient compliance. Individuals experience remarkable weight loss with an average twenty six pounds pertaining to BMI 28-30 and 15 pounds for BMI 25-28 within 12 weeks. In addition there are less serious negative side effects associated with excess fat and calories in the diet which can help with habit modification and promote better eating habits. CSP also strategies to create a extensive support program to complement the pill. The support program will teach way of living skills pertaining to healthy weight maintenance after the initial weight loss is usually achieved and would be available to users intended for 24 months. The implication intended for Metabical is the fact it is an affordable, safe and convenient approach to make a way of living change that it will work.

2 . Identify the ideal target market for Metabical? Which psychographic segment aligns most closely with this kind of ideal target market? Metabical consumers are likely to be involved in a systematic making decisions process. Consumers recognize the requirement to lose weight to be able to look better and be healthier. Using their experiences, they will know it can extremely hard to succeed in weight-loss goals on their own and harder to keep, so they may prefer to seek medical help. The ideal marketplace for Metabical would be people who have a BODY MASS INDEX of 25-30 who are dissatisfied with the current weight-loss options and therefore are looking for a proven and safe way to drop excessive fat that is supported by the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) and offered by prescription using their physicians. The psychographic part that fits this kind of ideal target audience would be woman consumers age ranges 35 to 65 with a college education and a household income of $80, 000+ who...