Eqality and Diversity unit 4

 Eqality and variety unit 5 Essay


Level 2 License in Equal rights and Diversity

Device 4: Surviving in Diverse Neighborhoods


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Part 1: Diversity in the community

1 . Describe a range of ideal investigative methods that can be used to learn diversity within a community.

There are some different ways that are available to the public to investigate and have how different a community is usually. The first is observational, this requires anyone to decide what they want to record and make up a simple stand to do this. Based on what they would like to know sometimes observation may not be helpful on its own as there are items like ethnicity and religion which are not obvious with no asking anyone. It may be that you can make a simple questionnaire and give to the community to obtain this information. It is also vital that you decide the time00 of the observation and wherever this will occur. If there are many of things want to record it could be better to convey more than a single person observing. The other way can be through the many websites that hold an extensive list of most communities and statistics. These can be the local authority sites, the government web page and the others that hold an enormous range of data and figure including the Business office National Statistics, Neighbourhood Figures and Nationmaster. A third method is through your local library as they hold up to date information on the community including list of community businesses, sociable venues, regional sport associations and solutions that are available. You can definitely find that the catalogue also retains books, publications and other elements to research.

2 . Using one (or more) with the methods you outlined involved 1, explain the magnitude of range that is out there within your community. You should demonstrate your work with some actual data such as figures or computer's desktop research.

As it is important to get the right statistics for the nearby community Let me use being a data source the Office for Countrywide Statistics plus the area code that they have intended for the relevant postcode is 002B. If you will find statistics I actually am not able to find beneath the code 002B I will make use of the statistics from the local power of Bristol. The data to get the different ethnic group is through the year 2011 and show that you have 1, 604 residents as a whole, broken down into the following groups and numbers 1, 305 White; English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British, 11 White; Irish, 1 Light; Gypsy or perhaps Irish Traveller, 79 White; Other White-colored, 25 Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groupings; White and Black Caribbean, 3 Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Organizations; White and Black Africa, 5Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups; White-colored and Oriental, 10 Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Organizations; Other Merged, 27 Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Teams; Other Mixed, 1 Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Organizations; Other Merged, 14 Asian/Asian British; Bangladeshi, 10 Asian/Asian British; Chinese, 27 Asian/Asian British; Various other Asian, 47 Black/African/Caribbean/Black British; African, doze Black/African/Caribbean/Black English; Caribbean, 20 Black/African/Caribbean/Black English; Other Dark, 2 Various other Ethnic Group; Arab, five Other Ethnic Group; Some other Ethnic Group. I will go through the age variety in the area using the info from year 2011, grow older 0 – 15 years = 325, 16 – 29 years = 285, 30 – 59 years = 571, 60+ = 263. There is also a diverse faith based community inside my neighbourhood therefore i am going...