Differences Between My Best Friend and I

 Differences Between My Best Friend and I Essay

It' is hard to trust that my best friend Kelly and I have many things of dissimilarities. Even though, we love the other person we are very different In our personalities, work experience and just how we take proper care of our family. The two of us have superb personalities. Kelly and I have been completely friends seeing that I was 5 years old. All of us went to precisely the same school and stayed inside the same category until we went to high school graduation. For example , Kelly is very friendly and she gets a great humor. She is extremely outgoing and love to talk with different people, possibly people your woman just Met. On the other hand, I actually am very shy and serious kind of person. I do not like to talk with other people. For these purpose is hard to make fresh Friend. To illustrate that, when we are asked to our neighbour birthday party, so we attended celebrate together with his family and friends. The party was full of unknown people and Kelly began to talk with those strangers. All I did was seat inside the table alone and await someone to talk to me. Kelly emerged and start to introduce me to her new friends. I feel so pleased with her, since if was not for her, I never have the courage to introduce myself to them.

Another model, is that Kelly and I have different kinds of works. She happens to be secretary and i also work as home cleaner. The lady had fantastic job in Boston while secretary. It can be near her house, she gets a great wage and a month of getaway paid yearly. Her task is so easy and she simply have to answer the product, book sessions and be at the office the whole day. Nevertheless , I work as house cleanser, it is very effort by cleaning other people soiled houses. One of many problems is that I fork out a lot of money upon gas, washing products and vacuum repairs. My own salary is not secure it depends in how many homes I clean every week. Paid out vacation just forget about it. Finally is us, that is the greatest and crucial gift that anyone can easily have. Kelly and I have got a wonderful family members, we both have got kids and that we have been married...