Dilg: Leading the Renaissance great Local Governance, Peace and Order inside the Philippines

 Dilg: Leading the Renaissance of Good Local Governance, Peace and Purchase in the Israel Essay

DILG: LEADING THE RENAISSANCE OF GOOD LOCAL GOVERNANCE, PEACEFULNESS AND BUY IN THE KOREA State with the DILG Survey of Secretary Jesse M. Robredo Initially Semester, 2011 For the last twelve months, the Division of the Room and Local Authorities has been a regular and trustworthy driving force behind President Benevolo S. Aquino III's strong and established pursuit to bring back good governance in the Philippines -- a sort of governance that observes and adheres to transparency, accountability and responsiveness -- and enhance the tranquility and buy condition through the entire country in order to successfully sustain local economic development and poverty alleviation initiatives that his supervision has gradually put in place. Because aptly captured in the DILG slogan, " Biyaheng Pinoy: Tapat bist du Palakad, Bayang Maunlad', the DILG led the journey towards great local governance through the pursuing major plans and applications: 1) the total disclosure coverage on the spending budget and financial situation of county units and agencies mounted on the DILG as an anti-corruption instrument; 2) nice of high-performing LGUs through the Seal great Housekeeping as well as the Performance Concern Fund; 3) the Institutionalization of Relationship with Municipal Society Businesses (CSOs); and 4) maintenance of peaceful and safe communities to hasten community development capped the major achievement of the Section. We in the Department do these not merely because the Chief executive has called on to us to do precisely what is right; all of us did these because we all also know that doing the proper things will assist improve the lives of the Philippine people, particularly the poor among us. I. We all exacted transparency and rewarded good performance from LGUs. The Department exerted tremendous effort to generate LGUs translucent in their procedures and compensated along the way the ones that adhered to the tenets of good governance. All of us made LGUs divulge the actual public should have to know, especially how their resources are used, knowing they may have the right to such information and that it will lessen chances intended for corruption while resources will probably be truly utilized to where they may be supposed to be used. Such project not only triggered a more transparent and information-friendly LGUs, nevertheless also stoked the fire of vigilance among the general public, CSOs and POs that partnered with us the Division to ensure that the policy is usually strictly honored by the LGUs. Through the Total Disclosure Pol icy, LGUs became even more cognizant in the people's directly to information, particularly of their assets, and of the Department's own resolve to create transparency a living practice included in this. From Aug, 2010 to May, 2011, a total of just one, 545 or 90 percent of the you, 713 LGUs nationwide or 71 provinces, 124 urban centers and you, 350 municipalities have complied with this kind of policy, producing the information on the following general public, through the web, print press and in conspicuous places in their areas: annual budget; quarterly statement of cash flows; declaration of statements and bills; trust/ particular education/gender and development funds utilization; 20% of the Inside Revenue Cut (IRA) usage; statement of debt service; annual procurement list; what to bid; wager results on civil performs and services and goods and fuzy of offers as calculated 1

We established the Seal great Housek eeping (SGH) as well as the Performance Chal l eng e

Fund (PCF) to offer due reputation and merit to LGUs that have showed excellent performance in inside housekeeping specifically along the 4 (4) main governance parts of good organizing, sound monetary management through the absence of negative Commission in Audit (COA) report and compliance to the Department's full disclosure plan, transparency and accountability and performance monitoring. LGUs which exceeded the Seal off of Good Housekeeping are eligible to access the economical subsidy as national govt counterpart to finance county development tasks in line with the...