Design Reason

 Design Explanation Essay


The interior to be designed is a medical group selection with modern day contemporary as the concept. Essentially, simplicity, refined sophistication, texture and clean lines assistance to define t the modern-day style. Interiors showcase space rather than things. By centering on color, space, and form, contemporary furnitur is sleek and fresh. The wall can be painted Satin White for the clean and unifying look. Plastic flooring utilized for factors: has good resistance to chemical compounds, excellent dimensional stability in every temperatures, contains a self-healing ability, has footfall sound ingestion with particular acoustic homes, & fire-retardant. As for the acoustic privateness of the examination rooms and consulting offices, fiber goblet insulation, lowered ceiling and carpets was used. Health smart, the paints are obviously lead free of charge, environmentally friendly and emits fewer pollutants in the air. Pin lights had been used with the lobby and hallway, it is the practical way of using light is to use a fixtures which have been less keep and will not occupy huge spaces and recessed fluorescent were applied at the test room, workroom, playroom for the direct lighting especially in the working place. The ceilings were applied is the gypsum board and hardiflex to get the hall and fallen ceiling for the office buildings and areas.

Since distance and useful patient circulation is vital, the reception area is the initial area that may be seen by the patients, to accommodate normal guests traffic. Near the reception workplace is the workroom since it is necessary to be in a single space alongside the reception at least adjacent to one another. Nurse's train station is at the middle so that it can simply access to four exam bedrooms. Exam areas are facing to each other and beside the test room may be the counsulting place that are near to windows. Storage space closet, workroom and nurse's station are near to each other for easy accessible purposes, playroom and powdered room had been near on the waiting place. The productivity of the space makes...