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You by no means feel more alive than when you are closest to loss of life. But would it be worth it? Is a stress-filled sensation that is adrenalin, coming straight from the well known adrenal glands travelling to the cardiovascular system via drastically dilated veins, stimulating a higher heart rate, whilst triggering a release of endorphins well worth the risk? Worth the ‘risk' that will all capture all of us eventually but still cripples totally grown men to a riverbank of tears and a jail of concealed emotional pain? Maybe, might be not... It was it. My long arduous journey was finally full. Many got fallen victim to stress which in turn, manufactured them succumb to the wily jaws of defeat. However, not I. Maintained my comrades, we marched in solitary file to receive our award, our honor of honor. And whom better to honor my reward than my personal coach, my mate, my brother. A professional in the fine art, the best of the finest and here he was. Here I am. I actually never believed it would happen but it would. My little brother, the nerdy child at institution who got beaten up all the time, a child who received picked previous for everything, passed the exams. Sure it took him four endeavors but he got presently there in the end. He talks therefore highly of himself today. I give a crummy, nip size license and this individual calls it a honor of honour. But if this individual wants to get skydiving then simply I'm not only one to stop him. As my personal comrades and i also trekked towards the airstrip in the midst of some fields, a certain calmness overcame me personally. The sun's becoming mild and heat blankets me and Mother Nature's function. Clearly she had spent quite a bit of time here. Blood vessels red tulip glasses and roses embedded themselves to the earth, covered together with the greenest of green rotor blades. Massive maple trees ranking tall and mighty waved their many leaf covered arms for me as the least heavy breeze covered my confront as if to express ‘howdy'. A Rainbow chosen to just materialize, happen to top it all off. By the time we get to the airstrip, the excitement has seeped out of everybody except my brother. We set our gear on, although...