Dbq Essay

 Dbq Composition

Taha Jawed

Period 4

DBQ Essay

In the 1850s, American colonists did start to move westward and did start to take over many " unclaimed" territory. There was many Tribes of native americans living in the west already and the People in the usa pushed them out with their land to be able to expand their own territory. The government and all the folks moving westward had to have severe actions in order to get the land that they wanted. During the period of the 1860s to 1890s, the lives of Native Americans were greatly affected because they were having to assimilate to a fresh culture, and the government becoming changed considerably and their legal rights were taken away without any see or state in what was actually going on.

Throughout the 1860s to 1890s, the lives of Natives were significantly affected because they were having to assimilate to a new culture. Native American, Primary Luther explained, " This did not happen to me at the moment that I was going away to learn the ways in the white gentleman. My thought was that I used to be leaving the reservation and going to steer clear long enough to complete some fearless deed, then come home again alive. Merely could simply do that, i then knew my dad would be so proud of me personally. ” (Document C) The Native Americans had been taken away using their work and the families to be able to learn the way with the white man which they were not even mindful of. Many Native American kids were also pressured away from all their parents to attend American schools and to discover American beliefs. Also, Native Americans could not practice their own beliefs and ideals in the bookings so their lives were very limited. Native Americans' tents and the ways of being nomadic will be forced faraway from them and that they would are in built residences and head to American universities and learn from the English dialect (Document F). It took aside a lot of their freedom and the lives had been becoming handled. They wasn't able to even adhere to their own ideals that they already have known for so long....