Dancing Case Study

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Josh Clark

PMAC 2001714

Executive Summary

The continuing advances in procurement and information solutions, have presented BAL a way to build on projects put in place seeing that 1999. The P-Card project has produced cost savings through the shortening of procurement process for non traceable universal goods, although new e-based initiatives must be sought to increase stream series the bidding and contracting process.

One tool presently available is usually e-buy. A device developed to large potential buyers and the Parent firm Boeing. Since 80% of the procurement transactions are for people " day-to-day” buys, it really is imperative these kinds of new processes target this kind of segment. Making the process dimplier and more successful on these " day-to-day” buys will certainly leave us additional time and methods to promote and invest in dealer management courses with our " critical” or perhaps " strategic” suppliers. The majority of which give you the " traceable” items necessary. Investing in supplier management is going to enable RECEPTION to attain total overall price in the purchase of critical things. Since purchase is only 1 sector with the information systems at RECEPTION, the time is right for all of us to look at inexpensive ways to combine our additional " again end” musical legacy systems to consider full benefit of interacting with suppliers and buyers alike. This is achieved by dealing with our present ERP supplier, WDS, to contract with other information program providers to find an inexpensive technique of reaching each of our goals. BAL's information devices help to execute our main business. This will likely enable us to influence new business which can be the key to growth and profitability. Now is not the time to " sit-on-the-fence”. If we perform, we face of shedding our strategic advantage. Affirmation of Problems

To maintain BAL's strategic benefits in the Asia-pacific aerospace sector, we must look at ways to build on the gains we have made, as 1999, inside the areas of ecommerce and provider management. To stay to find ways to reduce procurement costs through method improvement, dedicate analysis and system improvements. In addition , we need to assure RECEPTION can continue to deliver up to date data system alternatives for each of our primary buyer, the Australian Defense Push, as stated in the BAL eye-sight statement. The primary issue that BAL confronts is how to implement new procurement and information devices, at an inexpensive cost.

Electronic digital Commerce

We now have implemented many key purchase initiatives seeing that 1999 that have resulted in price reductions through process improvement. One of these was the use of P-Cards for the purchases of indirect dedicate items. This kind of indirect spend accounts for 80% of total procurement ventures, while totaling only 20% of the dollar spend. To keep to increase customer and aktionar value, we must remain strategically competitive. This kind of entails discovering, and utilizing new technology that shortens the procurement method time. Locating the " finest fit” for BAL might be a challenge, but one I feel we can overcome by looking at the various options obtainable in e-commerce technology. The issue we have is what sort of e-procurement devices we can attain, at a reasonable cost, which in turn would integrate with our present legacy devices.

Supplier Management

The Aerospace Industry can be described as highly specialized industry. Customer service and fulfillment are two of our guiding vision statements. The ADF mandate intended for traceability for " travel away” purchased items, mandates BAL carry on and improve on our supplier administration initiatives. Allocating sufficient solutions to accomplish this task will be certainly one of our top rated priorities. We also categorized supplier relationships into 4 segments: 1) day to day 2) Strategic 3) bottleneck 4) critical to business. The aim of implementing common procurement method, were to look after the " day-to-day” category of relationships. All of us also executed a programmer that received supplier feedback on BAL's performance, along with supplier overall performance....