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I'm doing that too, you should use the theme of all of them being ignored of society as a primary one as well as the theme of electricity structure through the perform, i. electronic. Kate getting the main breads winner etc . Your right the estimates are complicated. Also look into the pagan traditions, the radio is additionally a large sign within the enjoy.

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Profile to get cultural framework we aimed at:

*religion compared to pagan rituals (i. elizabeth. father jack)

*the poverty

*the isolation

*the functions of women

*kate taking on the regular role from the " man" being the sole bread winner..

i dont have a idea what to right for general eye-sight and perspective and literary genre..

wish i helped..

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Profile Below are paragraph topics you can use for each comparative genre:

Literary Genre:

What you need to assess: how the tales of your text messages are advised.

Paragraph subject areas to do so:

Text type

The first way to share with a story: textual content type. There are three selections on the syllabus: novel, play or film. Each text will allow a tale to be told differently:

1) the novel: you will have a lot of flexibility here. Even though he/she does not write the tale, it will be someone who will ultimately imagine and visualize this. They will decide what

the characters look like, how things happen, the particular place is similar to where the account takes place etc . This is because the novel can be described as prose piece of writing, with the consequence that the action takes place inside the reader's brain.

2) The drama/ enjoy: here the action happens in front of the audience. The story is usually told the same as real life – there are usually couple of special effects and many others: it is like the reader in the event that simply watching something happen in their life.

3) The film: a film is just like a play – it will require place in the front of us. Nevertheless , unlike the drama, a movie will use special effects to tell the story towards a more elaborate approach, such as quick shifts to various locations to share the story in a number of settings. This will not become as readily available or conceivable with the crisis, or the novel, which would need to make much larger efforts to

illustrate a change in establishing, whereas the film can accomplish this effortlessly and instantaneously.

Broad generic differences

A story must be told in a specific genre(s): this is quite simply whether a history is told positively, adversely, happily, sadly etc . Some ways to try this are:

1) humorously – is a story funny? It is if perhaps there will be many different comical occasions to tell the storyplot. Comedy films are a good example of this – Anchorman, Hersker Sandler videos etc – they notify a story, nevertheless use humour to do so. A sub-genre of this is darker humour, where texts undertake a humorous/ comical perspective to tell reports about adverse issues including death.

2) tragically – is the history tragic? Does it contain sad/negative/bad events which will bring about bad results to get the characters which cannot be reconciled/ remedied/ repaired? If the story operates along these types of lines, it truly is tragic.

3) heartwarming – if a account is fuzzy on the inside it will be heartwarming. Persons will fall in love towards the end. Generally good things will happen to people who ought to have this. The story will generally inspire wish and the idea that one gets what they ought to have.


The setting of your text will play a huge part in the telling of a account. It will lead to how the story unravels and will have an impact how the characters can and can act. They are some strategies to think of how setting leads to a story:

1) may be the world hierarchical? If so , in the history there will be selected people with more power, or keeping all electrical power, which means that other characters need to act being mindful of this, or in fear of treatment if they break the guidelines etc . Frequently characters will need to overcome this hierarchy in the story. 2) is the placing familiar and ordinary? Then this...