Social Auditing: Environmental Values Issues

 Social Auditing: Environmental Values Issues Composition

Social Auditing: Environmental Integrity Issues

Characters: George Holt financial representative

Kim Hopkins internal auditor

Senior Managing

Brian Henderson professional accountant (friend)

Phone buzzing by George to Kim

George: hello!!!! Ellie

Ellie: Yes, friend!!!

George: Kim, I would like to highlight to you, that our management plank meetings is usually schedule to next week Wednesday. Kim: Humm!!!

George: I want you to generate audit survey on the company's affaires…. which include graphs and figures…with complete reconciliation. Ellie: ok, sir!!!

George: Also, you can include any other relevant issues that you desire to add will probably be really liked, which supervision needs to recently been highlighted. Betty: ok sir…. I will do this asap without the delays. Thank you Kim was busying via her internal audit in the company. Your woman discovered something very strange and unusual. SECOND LANDSCAPE; Monday Supervision Meeting

Senior Management: Ever again things should be discussed prior to we all contact off the panel meeting pertaining to today. Kim: yes friend!!!... I have very important issues to be discussed and needs urgent attention. Senior Supervision: Yes…go upon Kim. What important concerns would you like to emphasize in this boards meeting. Kim: Sir!!! Via my interior audit, I have discovered that the manufacturing plant is very wasteful of energy assets and is inefficient in its make use of equipment and investment funds. Senior Management: what are you trying to state, Kim?

Kim: Sir!!! I am aiming to say that specifically serious is a plant's training of depositing untreated toxic waste into a river. And I believe in long term that it could incur a huge amount of fine costing more to the company's income. Elderly Management: Ellie!!! As an indoor auditor on this company, you have to any right to criticize the way you operate the business enterprise. Running this business is difficult enough and top rated of that provided the composition from abroad companies are challenging. Kim: Although Sir!!!

Older Management: Betty!!! Be mindful…that we are employing 200 ecuries, and we usually do not wish to put our positions or careers of these personnel in jeopardy. There is already a high level of lack of employment in the region. Betty: Sir!!! I actually counter that if we leaped this plant more efficiently than this company could save money, which could then be invested in dealing with the harmful waste. My spouse and i also want to warn that you might have to encounter a substantial good dumping the toxic waste into the river. Senior Supervision: Kim!!! Do not agree…. I consider you do not have the technological or scientific background to qualify one to judge upon these concerns. Moreover, while managers, it is us who to assess the risks involved, not really the internal auditor of the firm. Kim: Sir!!!

Senior Supervision: NO!!! This kind of meeting is at a end. Give thanks to you….. George…can I have a phrase with you. George: Yes, friend!!!


Older Management: George…you are a elderly financial movie director and it's the responsibility that what the various other staffs will be discussing inside the meeting. I really do not want any one of those concerns to be rise in the conference again. George: Yes, friend!!! I'll keep in mind

Senior Supervision: Kim has exceeded the boundaries of her location as internal auditor and Kim ought to approach her immediate director that is you before the lady start's to spread that information to others. She is certainly not keeping her professional job separate via her interest in " green” issues.

George: Yes, sir!!! We am merely going to talk to her regarding this issue. Mature Management: ok George.


George: Kimmmmmm

Kim: Sir!!!

George: We am incredibly upset along, Kim. You are an experience auditor and you simply did not mention to me about the issue mentioned in the appointment before increasing it for the management. Ellie: Sir!!! I wish to but I believed it would be better to raise this issue in the board meeting. George: But SO WHY KIM!!!! You are just an internal auditor of the firm and i also am your immediate supervisor…….. before attempting to boost the problem for senior...