Critical Evaluate the Activities in the lecture

 Critical Review the Activities in Class Essay

Essential Appraisal of Learning and Teaching Activities


One common view of L1 should be used as less as possible in English-language class. However , there is not any criteria about in which conditions teachers are able to use L1 in English course and how very much they can use in L1. In the classroom, college students share several characteristics and various levels of English. If the L2 are used in the whole class, it is inevitable for individuals who can not really understand the educators in some certifications. As we can easily see from Krashen's the " Input hypothesis" (1984) in language purchase, the powerful acquisition simply by students of the second language had to be comprehensible. Employing L2 in all of teaching and learning process can not be regarded as a understandable input. The sporadic make use of L1 simply by both professors and scholars can help the learning and understanding. In this paper, I have selected two learning and teaching activities which related to the usage of L1 in L2 class and essential appraisal in the use of L1 in L2 classroom.

Using the 1st activity

The first activity I have selected is " Dos and Don'ts". The goal of activity can be training the students speaking skill by using the focus on sentence structure. Just before class teacher made up a topic about Christmas which learners can think about the dos and don'ts inside the activity. Instructor also prepared some important vocabularies which in turn students most likely use to identify the Holiday. In the category, teacher is going to firstly request students the dos they generally do in Christmas by utilizing L1 and after that turn to the don'ts. Student can not dissuade to use their particular L1 to speak about this topic. At the same time, instructor will note down the key words and phrases in L2 which the students used to describe dos and don'ts inside the screen and in addition can take note of some necessary vocabularies ready before in order to help the students brainstorm. Up coming stage, instructor will split the students in to some groups(one group with 4 or 5students) and then give the...

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