Dog Imagery of Mice and Men

 Animal Imagery of Rodents and Men Essay

Steinbeck's Animal Symbolism

In Of Mice and Men, a novel authored by John Steinbeck, the character Lennie is portrayed as posting the characteristics of varied animals for example a bear, a horse, and a bull. Steinbeck examines Lennie as they animals to emphasize his activities. This creates a sense of imagery by allowing you to visualize Lennie and have an understanding of more regarding who he could be. The animal symbolism is also used to help forecast what is going to happen later on. His references towards the animals provide an interesting element to the novel and it continues over the whole account.

The 1st example of this that occurs in Of Rodents and Guys is when Lennie is definitely described the written text states, " and this individual walked greatly, dragging his feet just a little, the way a bear drags his feet. His arms did not swing at his sides, although swung loosely” (Steinbeck 2). This estimate describes how Lennie is definitely not very intelligent, he only slugs around following in back of George. This kind of shows all of us that Lennie is a bit psychologically inferior in comparison to George the ‘average' person, which foreshadows that he might be difficulties or a hassle to George.

Shortly after the text states, " drank in the surface of the green pool area; with long gulps, snorting in to the water like a horse” (Steinbeck 3). This is an illustration of how Lennie reacts about impulse including an animal would rather than applying logical thinking. Lennie didn't even consider using his hands to cup the water and push the green climber out of the way just before just heading down and rapidly drinking the down with his mouth from the pond. Lennie working on his urges foretells that he might do something that may cause harm, just like killing the mice, the puppy, and Curley's better half on crash because he had not been thinking, having been just undertaking.

" Strong being a bull” (Steinbeck 24), is usually how George depicts Lennie to their new boss on the ranch. Lennie isn't possibly aware of his own power. Bulls generally charge in the event that they perception a menace; in Of Mice and Men is actually like the...