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Joseph Jones

6815 Bright Look at Road

Todas las Cruces, NM 88007

August 30, 2013

O. Homer Smith


Neeley University of Business

TCU Package 298530

Fortification Worth, TEXAS 76129

Special Dean Cruz:

The number 13 rank the Finance system received on the Neeley School of Organization is very appealing and an important factor of why We am making use of. A degree via Neeley will assist my land a job, and that is a crucial stage of beginning my career and achieving my goals. Therefore , it truly is my concern to receive a world-class education and be a part of the class of 2015.

Becoming a part of a fraternity offers put structure in my life, which includes helped me expand as a person. The group structure that comes with being within a fraternity also makes it easier to contribute to the community. Last springtime, I helped organize a fundraiser intended for my fraternity at Fresh Mexico Express University. We ended up elevating over $6, 000 to get the Kids Miracle Network. I was envisioning undertaking something related with the fraternity at TCU.

For the past couple of summers, We worked as an office associate at an effective flooring organization. It was a great experience because I had several responsibilities as of this job. A number of the responsibilities happen to be listed in my personal enclosed continue. The extensive amount of duties with this job educated me the ins and outs showing how a successful business is leaped. This knowledge will give me insight in their classroom when we perform " real world” assignments.

Thank you for the consideration. I actually look forward just for this opportunity. You should contact me when you need any more info or to routine an interview. My own phone number can be (575) 650-2624, and my own email can be j. [email protected] edu.


Joseph Roberts