costco Article

1. What is the company name and contact information: physical and/or sending address(es), internet site address, phone number(s). Costco Wholesale Corp

999 Lake Dr .

Issaquah, Washington 98027

United States


installment payments on your In what type of business is company involved?

Costco is a members-only factory club dealer that provides low prices on a limited selection of country wide branded and selected private-label products. 3. Identify one of many company's sector NAICS rules and its identity. Paper mills. Code 32212

4. What is its ticker symbol?


5. About what year was this company founded?


six. How various employees is there?

92, 1000 employees.

six. What is their annual sales/revenue? Give time also.

$87, 048, 000, 000

August 30, 2011

8. Select the Recent Media tab and locate one actual interest. Using the correct MLA format, write a full bibliographic citation. The format you observe online can be not MLA format therefore note the proper information and format to get MLA. For help, see your textbook Appendix A or perhaps the Library Program Guides Citing and Producing Help.

on the lookout for. Select the Financials tab; examine the company's inventory Pricing and Performance. What was its last stock price? By what time? February 25, 2013- 101. 70 is definitely the last inventory price

12. Select the Search positions tab. Pick a document title. What is the document name? What is the ranking method? What quantity is your company on this list? " Stores Investing one of the most on Structure projects, 2011” What organization is trading the most in construction.

Ranked number 6.

11. Select the Industry case. Using the NAICS code, find information about your industry�s industry.

Determine the NAICS code: 322121

Document subject: Paper generators

One interesting fact about the market: the process of commercial papermaking is essentially the same throughout the world.

12. You should find an article with regards to your company from this database. To start, add your company's name in the first search discipline. In the " Search a Field” box, pull down...