Constantin Brancusi

 Constantin Brancusi Essay

Constantin Brancusi

The biggest sculptor with the XXth century, Constantin Brancusi the central figure in the ultra-modern art activity and a pioneer of abstractization is considered the father of modern sculpture. The uniqueness of his sculptures comes from their very own elegance plus the sensible use of his components combining the simplicity of popular Romanian art as well as the elegant Parisian avangardism. The main characteristics of Brancusi's artwork are probably the verticality, horizontality, the denseness and the fascination he reveals in applying light and space. His work had a major impact in the modern concept of " form” in toning, painting and drawing. Brancusi was born in 1876 in the Habita village.. During his childhood this individual learned to sculpt wood, to manufacture different home utensils, since at that time in Romania these were made away of real wood as had been the facades and piers. The style of these kinds of ornaments will certainly influence Brancus's work. Brancusi used to state that his lifestyle was influenced by his country of origin which means simplicity, common sense and love intended for nature. When he was nine years old this individual left home and had to deal with himself employed by six years in a tiny shop in Craiova supporting the owner ongoing to develop in real wood. He created a violin for him self and came the attention of a client. This client helped Brancusi to get addmited to the Institution of Disciplines in Craiova. In 1889 after this individual graduated, Brancusi got into the School of excellent arts in Bucharest. Even though he sensed he was attracted more for the art and sculptures made by independents rather than those of academicians inside the school the artist studied throuly anatomy and modeling " Ecorsul”, a sculpture built during that period of time 1902 to get more precise, was bought by the college and was used as a type of anatomy for years. This function reveals an outstanding knowledge of the body. In 1903 he got his first ask for to do a sculpture,...


David Lewis - Constantin Brancusi – London mid 1970s