Community Policing

 Community Policing Essay

Community Policing In San Diego

Nicole Jones

Grantham University or college

CJ 101


I will discuss the methods and procedures of community policing used in my personal community; which include neighborhood watch programs, volunteer police courses, and other solutions to individual citizens. There are several roles and responsibility's carried out by community policing programs. Depending on the neighborhood you reside in is definitely depending on how involved your neighborhood watch will be.

Community Policing In North park

To my opinion community policing means that citizens take a working role in trying to recognize crimes happening and lawbreaker elements in their vicinity. To clarify it simply normal citizens working with professional police force to help take justice for the community in which they live, work, or perhaps frequent. Various ways can be found in which this kind of cooperation between community members and professional law enforcement officials may exists, yet I will give attention to what is obtainable in my community. I at the moment live in armed forces housing, which in turn utilizes non-public security. I possess spoken to the local sheriff's office regarding the local residential areas and how they will handle community policing. Many areas have a area watch applications in which residents have meeting with police officers. Over these meetings a variety of issues that happen to be bothering neighborhood residents are discussed. The legality of such issues will be talked about with specialist law enforcement. Community residents is going to discuss many methods from children adding movable golf ball goals inside the road, to home invasions. Law enforcement officials officers also instruct occupants on how to deal with such crimes when you find them, and how to report these kinds of crimes. Conversations also occur on how to look up issues that will be of concern towards the community, such as suspects at large. In the area I live most of the local police departments publish details about local fugitives, and folks of interest on the...

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