Consumer Habit, Nostalgia and Motivation, which has a look into starbucks - level 4

 Consumer Tendencies, Nostalgia and Motivation, using a look into starbucks - level 4 Analysis Paper


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1 . Advantages.

Starbucks are a powerful coffee manufacturer established in 1971. The company started off as a sole store in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. Today they now inhabit over 12-15, 000 stores in 55 different countries, and they market themselves while the premiere producers of specialist caffeine in the world. Their very own mission statement is ‘to inspire and nurture a persons spirit – one person, a single cup, and one area at a time'. Starbucks market themselves as a dependable company with a goal that by 2015 all their generate will be ethnically sourced, and all their cups of reusable and recyclable (Starbucks 2011). The latest global economic downturn has led in Starbucks product sales taking a enormous dip, leading to their reveal value to fall by 38%. It has led these to change their marketing strategy to keep market share, bringing out instant espresso and low cost breakfast discounts which are bought at 25% below in earlier years. (Wall Street Record 2009)

The term consumer actions is a very wide-ranging term masking numerous subjects. According to (Solomon, 2006, pg 7) ‘…It is definitely the study from the processes involved when people or teams, select, purchase, use, or dispose of items, services, ideas, or activities to satisfy demands and desires'.

It could be argued that Client behaviour is a lot harder to predict within a recession with marketers unsure about how consumers will behave. The along with Starbucks revenue exemplifies this kind of.

This report aims to look at the consumer behaviour topics of memory/nostalgia and motivation. The author has researched the literature and online options to gain an understanding of the root concepts and the conclusion suggests some strategies that could be utilized to influence client purchasing conduct within a branded coffee outlet. (Starbucks).

2 Memory/ reminiscence

Nostalgia can be defined as a strong feeling, the past could be perceived in a happy or sad approach. Advertisers today try and bring up memories of youth inside the hope that consumers will certainly relate there products with their memories. This is often done by exhibiting pictures or popular tracks of a particular era which the customers they may be aiming toward will affiliate the product with an feeling of nostalgia. A reminiscence index produced by buyer researchers reveals the way that consumers possess built up their particular preferences and tastes above there lifetime, identifying common trends that could be very useful to get marketers (Soloman 2006).

Successful companies, produce advertising campaigns, focusing on the heritage in the company or perhaps product. Hovis for their 122nd birthday launched an advert that displayed the history of Britain since the brand began, it exhibits the highs and levels of Britain's history such as the first community war, the suffragette movements, the 1st motor car, the second universe war, the Queen's coronation in 1953, the swinging sixties, England winning the 1966 World Cup, the 1980s miners' strike as well as the millennium celebrations. This was a very successful advertising campaign that employed memory/nostalgia to associate generally there product with the heritage of Britain (Holmwood 2009).

Just how memory is definitely stored and retrieved in the human brain can be a very useful tool to entrepreneurs to help them efficiently market goods and providers towards customers. Whenever the brain engages in something, it leaves a physical track that is stored somewhere inside the brain. This is certainly our memory. Things which were done or learnt years before have...

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