Chapter 21

 Chapter twenty one Essay

CHAPTER twenty-one

The Story of your Mother


Sisa happened to run quickly home, confused. Your woman feared the fact that civil protects may have got arrested his son Basilio already. When ever she come to home, your woman saw the 2 civil guards leaving with only her hen. The girl tried to walk past these people but the municipal guards caught her and demanded to learn where her sons are. Sisa begged the pads for mercy, saying she does not understand where her sons are nor does she have gold coins they are really accusing Crispin of robbing. With no other recourse, the civil guards forcibly brought her to the barracks. Sisa, to spare her from humiliation, begged these to at least allow her some length between them. The civil protects obliged, supplying her a distance of 20 steps. They eventually reached the barracks and Sisa was imprisoned. Unwilling to bother themselves of inquiring about her, no one bothered to report to the alferez. After two hours, the alferez, rival of the curate, dismissed Father Salvi's allegations against her and ordered her to be liberated. Sisa quickly ran back home once again but did not find Basilio. The lady ran to Tasio the Sage yet he was certainly not home. Intuitively, she proceeded to go home and upon getting into the shelter, she saw a piece of ripped and bloodied cloth coming from Basilio's tee shirt. She cried out for her children throughout the night. Arrive morning, Sisa can be seen smiling and discussing with everyone.

Character types of Noli Me Interessare

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Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra con Magsalin|  -Son of a Filipino businessman, Put on Rafael Ibarra| BraveKind-hearted| María Clara de aquellas Santos sumado a Alba| -commonly referred to as María Clara, is usually Ibarra's fiancée-She was raised by Capitán Tiago-is the most beautiful and widely famous girl in San Diego| |  Don Santiago de aquellas Santos| -a Filipino entrepreneur and the cabeza de barangay or head of barangay of the area of San Diego| | Dámaso Verdolagas| |

| |

Add Pedro Eibarramendia| -great-grandfather of Crisóstomo Ibarra | |...