Calixta Article

Calixta's qualities

In Kate Chopin's short story " the storm” the main persona Calixta is definitely represented coming from different sides. But one of the many features of her personality may be traced. The girl with passionate girls. From the beginning of the second chapter mcdougal emphasizes it through her manner of regular sewing on the stitching machine. " She sat at a side of the window regular sewing furiously on a sewing machine. She was greatly busy and would not notice the getting close to storm ”. It demonstrates that she didn't just fasten, but was deeply involved in the process and offered to it all her feelings and power. The author uses epithets " furiously” and " greatly” that intensifies the effect… During five last years she was deeply in household jobs: cleaning, preparing food, washing. Her impulsive and passion nature could possibly be only reflected in such activities. But it a few features of her temper still remains in her appearance. " The lady was a tiny fuller than 5 years before the lady was hitched but your woman had lost nothing of the vivacity”. Seen her ex-boyfriend Alcee awoke her older feelings and reminded her that she is a women and everything her passion can be described not only in home duties. That finds how out in the affair with Alcee. She couldn't avoid it, as the tension was too strong. " The generous large quantity of her passion, without guile or trickery, was like a white-colored flame which usually penetrated and located response in depths of his individual sensuous characteristics that acquired never yet been reached”. Calixta allow off steam and her hot outburst could smolder without any open fire or surge.