Business Research Method six-hundred Week your five

 Business Research Method 600 Week 5 Essay

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1 . Ch. 10 - six -- Below are listed some objects of varying degrees of abstraction. Advise properties of each of these objects that can be tested by each one of the four basic types of scales.

a. Store customers:

Nominal – gender, competition, religion, era, marital position

Ordinal – frequency of purchases (frequent, seldom, never) Interval –

Percentage – total monthly acquisitions

b. Decider attitudes

Nominal – democrat, his party, independent, different

Ordinal – popularity of candidates

Interval –

Rate – range of votes ensemble for each prospect

c. Firmness of metal alloys

Nominal – types of alloys

Ordinal – The order of alloys regarding hardness

Time period – Rank/Scale in terms of hardness

Rate – Ratio of better to harder alloys

d. Inclination for a particular common stock

Nominal – industry and sector classifications of stock

Ordinal – order of stock regarding preference

Interval – rating scale regarding preference or ranking range in comparison to various other similar shares within the same industry category Ratio – stock overall performance ratio more than a given time period

e. Earnings of various partitions in a business

Nominal – the various sections in the firm

Ordinal – the order of the most successful divisions towards the least profitable divisions Period – position scale of profitability between various categories Ratio – ratio of profitability each year

installment payments on your Ch. 12 - two -- Presume you will be Menu Foods and you designed a major research study just prior to the biggest pet meals recall within our history. You want to carry on with the study and think you must put one or more questions to measure the customer's confidence that your firm will be able to recover. Draft a scale for each of the following types that will measure that confidence.

a. Constant-sum scale

Over a scale of 1 – 100, please price your self-confidence in Menu Foods goods: Before the call to mind ____

Following your recall ____

Before & After sama dengan 100

w. Likert-type summated scale