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The company I selected is Kia Motor Firm. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in June of sixteen, 1903. In 2007, Ford is currently the other largest automaker in the U. S. as well as the fourth-largest in the world based on range of vehicles distributed annually. Like a commercial business, Ford's goal is making profit. Kia are making and selling more than 35 types of cars that including vans, cars, SUVs and completely become the greatest producer. Honda is not only solid in America, nevertheless also in all of the over the world. Since 1979, Ford had bought Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo brands. Besides, Kia also possesses a small share in Mazda in The japanese and Aston Martin in the UK. Ford is an advanced business. In 1908, the Kia Model Capital t began to be produced and sold by Ford Motor Organization. The Model T set 1908 because the ancient year which the automobile shot to popularity. It is generally regarded as the first inexpensive automobile. Thus Ford contains a large contribution in the automobile popularization. In addition , Ford invented the initially " operate line” in 1913 hence the speed of producing had elevated. However , the " work line” was not very effective in that time, for the reason that rate of fault was high. In 1914, Honda solved that problem by simply increasing salary and lowering the working hour to 8 several hours. We can see that in the beginning of 20th century, Ford took advanced and initiative action in generating. So it got a large market share in that time. Undoubtedly that the productivity of producing in Ford was high therefore the price in the Ford vehicles in low. However , seeing that 1919, the Upscale Industry was growing up. Hence the requirement of automobiles would be bigger and the Buyers preferred to buy luxurious vehicles. In that time GMC and The chrysler pushed their particular upscale automobiles into industry, in addition GENERAL MOTORS CO focused on not merely upscale market but also low-price vehicles. So GMC got a huge market share during that time period and Honda gradually dropped its business because of its one...