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 Bibl450 exploration paper one particular


Daniel 9: 24-27

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Kristina Silva



This paper will research and seek to identify the specific meaning by simply analyzing the fabric found within the passage Daniel 9: 24-27 point by point, sentirse by passage. Daniel on the lookout for: 24-27 holds the title of the utmost significant prophecy to be found in bible verses. In a nutshell, this passage chronologically foretells the future of the nation of Israel more than a seventy-week time-frame. This eyesight given to Daniel is traditionally and biblically fulfilled further declaring it is importance for the Bible.


Daniels vision is usually viewed to be the ultimate historic and biblical action plan intended for the seventy weeks of Israel. Traditionally and biblically there are several occasions that enunciate the fulfillment of this prophetic vision. Anderson states in the book The Coming Prince, " The repairing by rule of Jerusalem, the triumphal entry by Jesus on the 8th of Nisan in Jerusalem, Jesus' crucifixion, and then in 70AD the damage of the serenidad are all completion of Daniel's prophetic eye-sight in chapter 9. ”1 With even more examination of this kind of scripture there is also a great temporarily stop between week 69 and week seventy. If we then simply jump to Luke four: 17-21 there is also a correspondence the moment taking both of these passages and cross-reference them. Jesus reads the passing from Isaiah 61 when he is in the synagogue of Nazareth to the people hearing saying, " ‘The Spirit of the Master is in me
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news for the poor. 
He has directed me to proclaim independence for the prisoners and recovery of eyesight for the blind, 
to set the oppressed totally free, to say the year from the Lord's prefer. ' Then simply he folded up the browse, gave it in return to the worker and sat down. The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him.  He began by telling them, ‘Today this bible verses is happy in your ability to hear. ' ” Here is where the pause inside the weeks 69 and 75 are found. Here Jesus proclaims the satisfaction of scripture by his works and communicating the reconstruction of Israel when he rolls the scroll regress to something easier. The prophetic timetable through this vision shall be continued with all the unveiling from the antichrist as well as the return of Christ while his triumphal second coming.


It is important to investigate each verse in order to entirely allow for a total understanding of this prophecy's purpose, meaning, and purpose. When viewing Daniel being unfaithful: 24 it is apparent the prophecy is usually presented. Pursuing with verse 25, the first sixty-nine weeks with the seventy weeks are technically introduced to the reader. Moving on to verse 21 the details about the events in week's sixty-nine and 85 are revealed. Verse twenty-seven allows for a conclusion disclosing the final events occupying the prophetic vision of Daniel's. As with virtually any prophecy, there are numerous interpretations designed for interview. These kinds of interpretations can be categorized into two independent categories. 1 category is definitely the Christological look at and one other being non-Christological view. The non-Christological look at is the most contended view pertaining to this specific prophecy. Some issue the timeframe concerning this prophecy, verse 24 to be exact. Is this particular verse referring to several weeks or a few months rather than exacto years? A lot of wonder if Daniel confused the seventy numerous years of Israel's captivity in Egypt with the 70 sevens in Gabriel's eyesight. However , Walvoord concurs, " The nature of the seventy years of Israel's captivity, Jeremiah's prophetic encounter in 25: 10-14 and up to 29: 10, the Hebrew expression shabuim in Daniel 9: 2, and per the Mishna translation the prophecy of the 70 sevens are actually referring to textual years. ” 2 Daniel 9: 24 says, " Seventy 'sevens' are decreed for your people and your ay city to finish transgression, to set an end to sin, to atone to get wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to close off...

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