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Bend it Like Beckham displays issues that arise in cross cultured interactions through Jess' Sikh family and their relocation to Britain. Through the main character Jess, the audience witnesses various issues that a, ethnic woman goes through including coming of age and faith based or friends and family expectations. Jess' passion for soccer brings about many problems for the character to face, the soccer field becomes a image resolution for the culture and family issues she confronts. In Bend over it Like Beckham, we come across the way two girls by different nationalities experience approaching of age, and their parents reaction to them maturing. In both equally Jules' and Jess' circumstances we see females playing a sport that is dominated by simply males. Sports is not really seen as a feminist sport, and so their devotion is unusual. Both characters' mothers do not approve of the playing, however for different factors due to their nationalities. Jules' mother believes that she ought to be doing more girly points and is scared of her young one's boy-like habits. In the same way, her mum is usually shaken by the thought that her daughter could be lesbian because of her love of the sport, which is not quickly accepted in her household. Similarly, Jess' mother would not approve of her daughters appreciate for soccer because of their faith based expectations. Jess' sister, Pinky, is used as an example of the actual Sikh girl should go through when the girl with coming old. Pinky unites an Indian man, and seems eager to fulfill her family's targets. Jess experiences cultural identity while the girl decides whether to also fulfill her family's anticipations, or adhere to her individual dream of playing professional sports. An example of this is seen on the end when ever Jules' mom shows up for the wedding to ridicule Jess for being lesbian porn. Pinky tells Jess, " isn't this what you want, ” referring to her marriage plus the traditional Sikh life. Jess responds simply by saying she wants anything more. This is interesting as this is whenever we...