Baby Food and Drink -- US - May 2014

 Baby Food and Drink -- US -- May 2014 Essay

More than half of respondents to Mintel's review say they give their babies/toddlers aged three and younger adult meals. While this can be to be predicted as babies reach their particular toddler years, brands can counter the opportunity of parents to feed their very own babies mature food simply by highlighting the actual nutritional formula of their companies how this kind of formulation provides targeted nutrition that gain development and that may not often be present in standard foods.

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Scope and Themes

How it all started


Info sources

Sales data

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Abbreviations and terms


Executive Synopsis


Healthy growth forecasted

Figure 1: Total US retail revenue and supporter chart prediction of food for babies and beverage, at current prices, 2008-18 Sales motivated by increasing number of babies/toddlers, rise of organic products Slow economy and rise in child prevent increased gains Important players

The consumer

Respondents will be most more likely to feed their children store-bought, yet homemade as well popular Number 2: Food parents supply their children old 2 or younger, January 2014 Parents more more likely to give their kids water, cow's milk than baby/toddler drink or formulation Figure several: Drinks father and mother give to their children aged 2and younger, January 2014 Over fifty percent of participants report dedication to one make of formula Determine 4: Behaviours and preferences toward baby/toddler formula, January 2014 A lot more than four in 10 wish brands to supply more online (website/social media) deals Number 5: What parents would like to see baby/toddler food and drink businesses provide, January 2014 What we should think

Concerns and Insights

Can brands persuade parents to use food for babies over mature food? Insight: Highlighting the nutrients in baby food

How can drink brands support decelerate loss?

Insight: Reducing sugar, not really diluting; adding vitamins and minerals

Trend Applications

Pattern: Let's Help to make A Deal

Trend: Extend My personal Brand

Trend: Prove This

Market Size and Forecast

Key points

Slow economic rebound limits sales growth potential

Sales and forecast of baby food and drink

Physique 6: Total US selling sales and forecast of baby food and drink, at current rates, 2008-18 Determine 7: Total US full sales and forecast of baby food and drink, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2008-18 Fan chart forecast

Figure 8: Total US retail revenue and supporter chart outlook of baby food and drink, at current prices, 2008-18

Market Drivers

Key points

Gradual economic recovery prevents greater growth

Determine 9: ALL OF US unemployment price, by month, 2002-14

Number 10: Perceptions toward baby food and beverage, January 2014 Number of children aged three and younger expected to boost 2013-19 Figure 11: Household usage of liquid/powdered baby method, 2007-13 Determine 12: Human population projections for children aged three and younger, 2013-19 Blacks report most use of liquid/powdered formula and baby foods, cereals, state of mind Figure 13: Household usage of liquid/powdered baby formula, simply by race/Hispanic beginning, November 2012-December 2013 Figure 14: Household use of baby foods, baby cereals, or perhaps baby juices, by race/Hispanic origin, November 2012-December 2013 Organic brands will drive future product sales

Figure 15: What parents would like to see baby/toddler drink and food companies give, by male or female, January 2014

Competitive Framework

Rate of breastfeeding boosts

Homemade baby food/drink competes directly with store-bought brands Figure sixteen: Foods father and mother feed their children aged a couple of or younger, January 2014 Nearly 50 % of parents offer their infants adult meals

Product recalls may terrify away a few parents

Portion Performance


Baby solution holds 70% share, baby food/snacks portion grows quicker Sales of baby food and drink, by simply segment

Determine 17: Total US selling sales of baby food and drink, segmented by type, 2011 and 2013...