Comparison Dissertation - My Two Brothers

 Comparison Essay - My Two Brothers

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Simply no two people will be exactly alike, and my two older brothers, Thu Nguyen and Thang Nguyen, are not any exceptions. When I think of them, I think of Rudyard Kipling's phrases, " East is East. West is definitely West. By no means the twain shall meet up with. ”

Even though they have precisely the same parents, all their considerable variations in looks, individuality, and frame of mind toward life reflect right after between Far eastern and Western cultures.

Similar to oriental males, Thu is definitely short, small , and and contains a full moon-shaped face. His smooth white colored skin and small forearms and feet make him look relatively delicate. Thu always likes to wear formal, traditional outfits. For example , in great vacations or at family grain celebrations, Thu appears in the traditional dark grown, white pants and black silky headband, all of these make him look like a beginning twentieth-century perceptive. In contrast to Thu, Thang appears more like a north american boxer. He's tall, muscle and big-boned. He is constructed straight while an arrow and his encounter is very long and angular as a Western character. In contrast to Thu, Thang has strong feet and arms, and whereas Thu has clean skin, Thang's shoulders and chest will be hairy, significant and complete. Unlike Thu, Thang likes to wear comfortable T-shirts and jeans or sports garments. At an official occasion, rather than wearing traditional formal garments, Thang has on stylish Western style matches. Thu and Thang also differ in personality. Thu has the laugh of an historical Chinese thinker that american people cannot understand. This individual always happiness. He laughs because he desires to make the various other person content or to help to make himself completely happy. He happiness whenever people speak to him, regardless of whether they can be right or wrong. He smiles if he forgives those who have wronged him. Thu enjoys book, naturally , and books and viewpoint. He likes to walk in the moonlight to consider. Thu also enjoys having hot tea and vocal verses. In short, in our friends and family, Thu is a son whom provides a...