Andersonville Prison: the Hell on the planet

 Andersonville Prison: the Hell on the planet Essay

Andersonville Prison

Hell on earth

Billy Bucci


Since the advent of the video popular themes have generally come from events that have happened throughout background. Many times Artist will take particular events that contain happened of all time that have obtained popularity numerous population in the country and made a movie about this, and some occasions have multiple movies produced about them. Although the true events that they make movies regarding are very interesting and usually include played a serious role inside the shaping of certain communities or incidents they are just not always thrilling enough to create a good video so Showmanship changes particular small specifics, or embellishes facts, or perhaps adds parts to the celebration that really didn't happen, sometimes it is hard to know what is factual or certainly not. I have chosen the movie Andersonville which gives its rendition of the very most infamous Confederate Civil Conflict prison that existed. You will find three significant facts which i will assess between the Showmanship movie Andersonville and what really occurred in history. The first fact of the video that I consider has been embellished is the portrayal of CPT. Henry Wirz, the leader who ran Andersonville penitentiary; the movie makes him to be able to be a bit crazy. The 2nd point from the movie which i will be analyzing is the layout of the penitentiary itself between layout inside the movie plus the actual web page in Atlanta, and the third and final aspect of film production company that I can analyze may be the trial from the crew inside the penitentiary known as the raiders. I know which it has been shown with many movies that they will be not always historically correct, but I am hoping to prove that this kind of movie has been doing a good job at planning to stick to the details.

In the motion picture Andersonville: The fantastic Untold Tale of the City War Chief Henry Wirz was pictured with negative opinions as a person with no care. Often times Over the movie they show CPT. Wirz like a lunatic who also cared absolutely nothing for the enemy criminals who were put into under his care. He is often times found gallivanting about the camp dramatically dressed worrying about marching drills, not when talking to his men about the well being of the military or methods to improve conditions of the prison camp. 1 part of the movie specifically shows that the Confederacy send high ranking Confederate Officers for the prison camp to inspect the conditions of the camp, while these were there CPT. Wirz is shown training drill and ceremony although dead systems are getting carried out from the camp and he is not bothered with this at all. When the inspectors happen to be preparing to leave there is a chat where the colonel tells Wirz that he's not operating the prison in a proper manner and Wirz attempts to explain to him how it is trying to work the jail so far away from the Capital of Richmond and away from all of the main source routes. Towards the end with the conversation CPT Wirz is shown planning to bribe the Colonel for the promotion to Major, explaining to him just how with his promo he might manage to have more expert which will help him in getting supplies. CPT. Wirz was also shown addressing the prisoners, withholding food ration from them since allegedly some of the prisoners stole his halter and marriage for his horse. In his speech for the prisoners this individual goes on to explain to them that they will not get virtually any rations till his home is returned while the real truth was there have been no portion to give the soldiers. CPT. Wirz was shown at numerous points from this movie lying to the prisoners to get them to do what he planned to, and to attempt to keep them via trying to get away. In my opinion the movie tried to fresh paint the picture that CPT. Wirz was somewhat of a basic minded fool who had no clue how to operate a prison and cost the lives of any vast number of Union troops without a attention in the world.

Throughout the proof of history and historical documents many of the issues that the motion picture Andersonville manufactured CPT Henry Wirz to be able to be will be incorrect. CPT. Wirz in whose...