America's Love Affair with Pizza: A Guilty Delight No More by simply Thomas Roepsch

 America’s Relationship with Lasagna: A Responsible Pleasure No longer by Thomas Roepsch Article

Rhetorical Analysis

Thomas Roepsch's essay, " Many Love Affair with Pizza: A Guilty Pleasure No More, ” introduces to the reader the concept even though french fries is considered to be bad by most, it can actually be very nourishing. He gets this point across by attractive to the common sense in the reader. He starts by stating a lot of extremely convincing specifics that most people probably may already know. The first stage he makes is that french fries is the just food item that satisfies all 5 of the USDA food groups. This kind of statement alone is quite convincing but as Roepsch continues, it becomes clear that to ensure that your lasagna to actually always be healthy, it would need to have almost no meat upon it and have lots of vegetables. Persons don't generally want a lasagna like that. People who order french fries usually want a large amount of dairy products and a lot of meat on it. This means that the average pizza is still in fact , not very healthy at all.

Another point that Roepsch introduces is what other essay focuses on, lycopene. Pizzas sauce is made up of large amounts of lycopene, which is an antioxidant released the moment tomatoes happen to be cooked in to red spices. This protein has been which may reduce the capacity of skin cells in our human body to mutate which is very good because mutating cells can cause cancer. What Roepsch is intending to instill in the visitor is that pizzas sauce can prevent certain kinds of cancer, particularly prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Roepsch goes on to introduce statistics saying that people who ingest lycopene can also be less likely to suffer from belly, colon, and rectum cancer. Finally, he talks about how lycopene has been shown to help prevent heart disease relating to a European study. It was the strongest part of the newspaper from an argument perspective. Roepsch knows about people's current obsession and anxiety about cancer. This individual very affectively takes advantage of this obsession to draw in and trick the reader into...