America Requires Its Nerds

 America Demands Its Nerds Essay

America Needs Its Nerds

Leonid Fridman's general debate in his operate " America Needs It is Nerds" is that the United States' emphasis on social and physical prowess above academic success is wrong. Fridman uses connotative diction, a disappointed tone, and the use of a rhetorical questions to build up his discussion.

Fridman uses negative connotative diction as he discusses the way the United States centers more in social skills and physical abilities instead of academics. Fridman states, " In many areas of the world, university or college professorships will be the prestigious and materially fulfilling positions. But not in America, wherever average professional ballplayers are much more respectable and better paid that faculty members of the best colleges. " The use of the word " But" right after he discusses what is satisfying in other elements of the world gives America a negative image of how the country praises " typical ballplayers" above the academically attained. This use of negative diction strengthens his assertion that the United States can be wrongfully focusing other elements over teachers because it negatively portrays just how America is making the wrong choices on what elements to exclusive chance.

Throughout the piece, Fridman communicated a disappointed tone towards nation's selection of brawns over brains. He conveyed a disappointed strengthen in his query, " Just how can a country... be anticipated to contend in the technology race with Japan or perhaps remain a leading political and cultural force in Europe? " This kind of question won't just push an answer from the readers, additionally, it shows that Fridman is so disappointed that this individual thinks that America will probably be surpassed by Japan or perhaps other Western nations in the event that they carry on and praise sports athletes over scholastically intellectually critically acclaimed and inquisitive scientists that might discover a thing beneficial to many. Asking this kind of question reinforces his argument because it gives a disappointed tone that makes his discussion have a much more impelling declaration.

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