Admiral of the Swiss Navy

 Admiral in the Swiss Navy Essay

In " Admiral of the Swiss Navy" written by Sam Lipsyte, there exists a narrator who may be the kind of young man many of us have known at one time in our life. He can confused, conceited, showy, placed in situations in which he must determine what the way to go is, and always worried about the actual other kids think of him. He is attending a summer sports program near a lake in Canada and rooms with an unpopular obese kid known as Van Wort. Yes, Truck Wort, you may only guess that a boy with this name gets besieged by the various other camp kids. The narrator finds him self involved in many of these acts of violence toward Van Wort. The narrator then extends to into his conscience and finds himself in a meaning quandary, and decides to start out helping Truck Wort just a little at a time, although is too later. Van Wort felt instigated by people who tortured him, to finally end the pain he suffered and kill himself in front of all the other kids at camp. The narrator gets involved in several situations which make him look like a bad youngster, but the narrator is a good character in this tale from what he discovers at camp.

The first impression we get from the narrator can be " We gave him [the camp representative, Mr. Marv] what they are called of young boys you've hardly ever heard of yet who were noted saboteurs great camp citizenship. " The narrator is looking out for himself and only himself, saving him self from getting in trouble is his first top priority, even if this means betraying others. In the night, the narrator would watch the other camp young boys come in and torture Truck Wort; the narrator will mostly enjoy but occasionally include him self in these abhorrent acts against Van Wort. The narrator notices that every these works of rudeness really influence Van Wort, but this individual still continues to do as he has done in the past; practically nothing. His popularity would be on the line if he stood up for Van Wort. " I was, if you will certainly, the boxball king. Maybe it's not really crucial to the storyplot of Vehicle Wort, although I think people should know. " A little vain maybe? I do think so. It's a hard point to...