Alcoholism is a Disease

 Alcoholism is a Disease Essay

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Alcoholism is known as a Disease

In the U. H alone more than 15 mil people are currently affected by alcohol dependency. Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive ailment that includes complications controlling your drinking, being preoccupied with alcohol, continuing to work with alcohol even if it triggers problems, being forced to drink more to have the same result (physical dependence) or having withdrawal symptoms when you rapidly decrease or stop ingesting. Alcoholism is aВ chemicalВ disease because it breaks down differently in the belly and posseses an entirely different effect on the mind of the intoxicating than around the non-alcoholic. The main organ associated with alcoholism is a brain. AlcoholВ interferes with the power charges of nerve cellular material that mail messages towards the brain regarding thoughts, feelings and learning. After chronic exposure to alcoholic beverages neurotransmitters are altered once and for all and can as well lead to mind shrinkage. В Advanced states ofВ alcoholismВ cause states of dementia psychosis and when their tolerance increases, В alcoholicsВ show indications of disorientation, paranoia and aggressiveness. HeavyВ alcoholВ intake minimizes some of the brain's chemicals including dopamine and serotonin. These kinds of chemicals give us the feeling of well-being and pleasure. At the same timeВ alcoholВ releases chemical compounds that cause stress and depression. В It is this chemical substance imbalance in the brain which may be responsible forВ alcoholism. Alcoholism is usually progressive, this means it gets worse after some time. Alcoholism triggers biological, emotional, social and spiritual problems and as the condition progresses, the alcoholics capacity to function daily declines. Character changes certainly are a result from neuropsychological impairments for the person's cognitive and affective functioning; they presume, feel and act differently than previously, but believe that their performing normally. Social or relationship problems happen within the friends and family, the community including work. Friends and family life dips to the level that treatment for...

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