The speedy industrialization and globalization produced an environment totally free flow of information and technology through various means across the globe. This has triggered shrinking on the planet and bringing the people nearer. Technical education is one of the pieces of the human source development and has been getting a longer step achieving quality and variety in the delivery system properly. SRI MANAKULA VINAYAGAR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is a 7th Educational Institution established by Sri Manakula Vinayaga Educational Trust in the year 2011 to offer three or more year diploma or degree education entirely for providing the best and the most effective technical education to the weaker and down trodden sections of the society, in this field of the Union Territory of Puducherry and the State of Tamil Nadu. The company is providing programmes inside the five exercises of Anatomist with an intake of 540 students in the first year and additional 20% intake inside the Lateral season. It has been a successful institution building a platform to get the worthy students of the Union Place of Puducherry and the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and got a mission to formulate quality gentleman power to accommodate the need of industrial sectors (Govt. and Private) in the state / country. COLLEGE VISION

To emerge like a model institute in the market of Technological education commensurate with powerful global situation for the main advantage of mankind. UNIVERSITY MISSION

The mission is usually towards a great intellectual and ethical environment in which both skills and spirit is going to thrive to be able to impart high quality education, training and services with a worldwide outlook.


1 . Diploma in Mechanical Executive

2 . Diploma in Electric powered & Consumer electronics Engineering

3. Diploma in Electronics and Communication Architectural

4. Diploma in Technology

5. Diploma or degree in Computer Engineering


1st Year: A pass in SSLC/AIHS/Matric or any type of other examination...