A Raisin in the Sun: Walter's Persona Analysis

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The spring 22, 2013

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When feeling hopeless, you can lose view of their classic values and chase flawed or unrealistic dreams. Inside the play, A Raisin under the sun, author Lorraine Hansberry, uses character Walt Lee Younger to demonstrate a misguided, materialistic alteration from the traditional American Dream. Walt Lee, within a misguided perspective of money as the answer to all of life's tests, does not remember traditional friends and family values and instead chases just materialistic dreams. This causes harm to and ultimately separates his family. His materialistic quest stems from the guilt he feels in his inability to aid his family, his awareness of and hoping for American opportunity wonderful misconceived idea of what it means to be a person.

Walter pursues a flawed and materialistic wish because he feels humiliated and subsequently accountable, in his incapability to provide intended for his friends and family. He views the misery of his family since his problem, and money as their only solution. His lingering feeling of inadequacy haunts him and he grows an passion with funds, thinking of " money [as] life. ” (74) This individual wants to certainly be a good part model pertaining to his child Travis, and ensure that Travis has a great life. For instance , when Travis needs funds for college, his partner, Ruth, says that they don't have the money to spare, and doesn't make it for him. However , Walter chooses to give him the money anyway. " Right here, son…In reality here's another fifty cents…Buy yourself some fresh fruit today- or take a taxicab to school or something! ” (31). This individual foolishly gives Travis extra cash, despite the fact that that they can't afford to. This shows his enthusiasm to give his family a comfortable life, with out a realistic comprehension of what they are financially capable.

As a conductible to a prosperous business man, Walter Shelter has a higher awareness of prospect in the world. He can infatuated with the idea of having achievement and prosperity, to the point where it will require priority over...