"A Good Man Is difficult to Find" Character Examination on Grandmother

 «A Very good Man Is difficult to Find» Character Analysis on Grandmother Essay

" A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Flannery O'Conner described the unnamed grandmother in " A great Man Is not easy to Find” as a incredibly manipulative, fraudulent and selfish old female, unlike a typical grandmother. Granny posed being a " know it all” woman who facets her your life on the past. In the beginning of the short tale, the grandmother tries her hardest to improve the families mind about traveling to Sarasota for a getaway because " she” wants to go to Tennessee to meet a number of her family members. Her trying to change her sons, Bailey's, mind was your first sign of the grandmother's selfishness. The grandmother prevents telling Cromwell her cause of wanting to visit Tennessee, so she passes by saying there is also a serial monster, the Misfit, on the loose in Sarasota. She sobs about how " she couldn't answer to her conscience in the event that she had taken the children within a direction high was a convict on the loose. " Her intentions would have been to guilt trip Bailey regarding taking the kids to Sarasota; therefore the girl could have her way. Following realizing that her philosophy had not been working the lady decided to fault the mom of the kids. The grandmother will do anything to acquire her way, and she doesn't treatment who thoughts will be hurt. The granny decided to go around the trip anyway and taking her fraudulent ways, by sneaking her cat in the car after Cromwell told her this individual didn't wish to consider the kitty into wherever they decided to lodge. As they traveled the grandmother decided that she wanted to take a detour for an old planting. The granny sat inside the back talking about the planting to the kids, with motives to build their urge to want to stop. The lady filled their very own heads with white is situated about exactly where they were will make Bailey believe they were opting for the enjoyment of the kids. The grandma tried to expand the truth just as much as she quite possibly could. Over the story the grandmother regularly lied to herself and her friends and family. She humiliated to their self by pondering she was living in the...