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 1st Term Final Composition

Vi, Tylor

Mr. Bearson

Honors The english language I


Literary Equipment in " The End of Science Fiction”

Is research fiction ending as humankind further advances technology everyday? What will happen to modern society when ever science fictional works comes to an end? In " The final of Science Fiction”, Lisel Mueller uses the textual devices of diction, radical language, and sound while she appears back for the great accomplishments of the human race and stories from mythology to discuss the extent where our world has evolved and progressed, but not necessarily for the better. In every stanza of " The End of Science Fiction” there is both the word " we” or perhaps " create. ” The girl repeats these kinds of words to demonstrate that it is all of us, mankind, that is responsible for all that has happened to all of us over the course of background up to now and forever even more. Ironically the poet discusses how scientific advances happen to be hurting us throughout the poem but your woman tells us to complete great points by inventing something. One example is once she says, " The genre is useless. Invent something new. ” (Line 13) In the event technology is about inventing then why does the lady tell us to invent something new? The " genre” is usually science fictional and it is deceased to her because science fictional is all about technology and it is uninteresting in the period setting with the poem because that is most there is. " Invent anything new” lets us know to accomplish a thing other than technology like setting up a transcontinental train or getting on the celestial body overhead. Another example of diction present in the poem is almost just like a command. " Invent all of us as we were before our bodies glittered and that we stopped bleeding. ” (Line 24-26) ­­­This tells us that during the time environment of this composition people are starting to live their very own lives in man-made robot body. This is more than likely created for abundant people who may want to die and store all their brain inside a robot to stay life. Showmanship has described people residing in robot body many times in sci-fi films like Endstuck and dreamed of...