Essay Tentang Asean Community

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Group (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Group) is among the pillars to be built ASEAN in supporting the ASEAN Community by 2015, in step with the other two primary pillars, the pillars of the ASEAN Security Area along with the ASEAN Economic Community. As one of the efforts to realize the place of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASSC), ASEAN has drawn up a System for that ASEAN Sociocultural Neighborhood (ASEAN Sociocultural Group System) which was transferred within the 14th ASEAN Summit in Thailand, February 2009.

With their solid perception of solidarity, is estimated ASEAN community can assist one another in eliminating the problem of poverty, equality and individual progress; shared help in minimizing the societal influence of financial incorporation by creating a base of aggressive human-resources; enhance environmentally friendly administration of the green, clear ecologically sustainable; and strengthening the ethnic identity towards an ASEAN Group, on the basis of the community (people concentrated).

Create a sensation of us late and solidarity does not suggest reducing the specific characteristics of each state, but alternatively the want to reinforce the feeling of brotherhood unity and communal nurturing and belonging to a community that is being built.

Among the objectives to be attained through the ASCC anchor is always to strengthen our perception of most-an (sensation of we-ness or we emotion) and solidarity among ASEAN residents. Preparation draft Formula for that ASEAN socio-cultural Neighborhood is supposed to supply guidelines (recommendations) for ASEAN member countries in preparation to welcome the place of the ASEAN Group by 2015 via sociocultural pillars.


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